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 Requesting Airport or Hotel Pick-up for August  
 We are excited that you will soon be joining us at UNCW. On-campus housing opens on Saturday, August 15th. If your flight arrives on August 14-15 (any time of day, from 8 am until midnight), we would be happy to pick you up from the Wilmington airport (airport code: ILM). For airport pick-up, please enter the following information:  

(You may enter the name of your hotel if you will be arriving early and want our student drivers to drive you to campus on the morning of August 15).
(If we are picking you up from your hotel, we will arrange your pick-up time to coincide with the time one of our student drivers is picking up students from the airport).
The last airport before reaching Wilmington
  If you wish to arrive on or before August 15, you will be responsible for arranging your own meals and lodging until campus housing opens. You may want to explore for hotel information and or for rental car information. There are rental car agents inside the airport terminal and taxis are available just outside. It costs approximately $20 for a taxi ride from the airport to campus.
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