Thank you for contacting the UNCW Film Studies Department!

The requirements of our curriculum do not allow for incorporating outside projects into class work, but one of our students or alumni may be excited to work with you. We have established dedicated social media outlets to inform our students and/or alumni about opportunities like yours.

If approved, your announcement will be featured in one of our daily posts to the social media site devoted to the filmmakers you seek.

Requests must be submitted a week in advance of desired post date.

Please be aware that we keep our students very busy with course assignments and projects, and our alumni are similarly engaged with jobs and their own creative work. A lack of response does not necessarily reflect a lack of interest.

Thank you again for reaching out to emerging filmmakers.



Please include the positions you seek, required expertise/experience, compensation (we find that students are more responsive when compensated for their time. We recommend a rate of at least $15/hr. Experienced students will deserve and expect more), equipment provided or needed, submission/application deadline, other application requirements, and contact information.