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  The College of Arts and Sciences wants to learn about and help you promote your current and recent innovative and exciting faculty and student projects. Please complete this brief questionnaire to provide us with the following information about your UNCW experience(s). You may be contacted for a follow-up interview if your project is selected to be featured in a future College of Arts and Sciences newsletter. Examples include (but are not limited to) original or student research, study abroad, leadership, Directed Independent Study (DIS) involvement, class projects, grants or events that showcase outstanding and innovative work in your department. Projects must be either currently in progress or have been completed within the last 6 months in order to be eligible.
  Please try to explain your project in layman's terms. We are looking for projects that are unique, new, relevant (to the area or in time), exciting, and/or will impact other's lives, so if you can explain in this survey how or why your project is important, that will help us to help you. The information submitted here will be forwarded to a committee who will direct these leads to the appropriate persons/offices. Most time sensitive information/announcements will be placed on the CAS website. Other ongoing projects may find a place in the CAS newsletter (which will publish at least 3 times a year), the UNCW magazine, SWOOP, or other formats that are in the works.